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An Overview

Roddy The Rooster Promo Reel

Roddy The Rooster is an animated series of 13 x 24 minutes episodes for 4 – 7 year old children, centred round Roddy The Rooster and his eclectic collection of friends living in the barn at rundown Tumbledown Creek Farm.

Abandoned by the previous owners, this curious amalgam of chickens, a duck, two piglets, a calf, a sheep and a foal – joined by a snake and a resident mouse – have to learn to get along together and to work together and, once they have learnt to accept each other and their differing lifestyle and idiosyncrasies, to live and play together.

Their now pleasant world is about to be shattered when new owners arrive from the city to take possession of the farm. For the new owners initial impressions are laced with disappointment at the rundown state of the farm and, in particular, the old barn where Roddy and his friends live.

Overhearing that the new owners intend to demolish the old barn, Roddy and his friends rally to save their home.

Solving day to day dramas, battling the joys and fury of mother nature and the ever looming threat that one day soon they may lose their home, Roddy & his friends determine, with the support of some local native bush animals, to preserve their comfortable and enjoyable way of life in drama-filled adventures.

Each episode tells of a new adventure as the barnyard animals face new challenges to be resolved in a playful mix of fun, songs and just a touch of their usual mayhem. All of which enhances and extols the core of the series – a multi-cultural microcosm – living in an environment of acceptance, inclusion and participation.

The Characters

Roddy the Rooster

RODDY is the cocky rooster who rules the roost on Tumbledown Creek Farm. Bright in colour and bright in demeanor, he’s a natural leader who is always positive and outcome-driven. There’s more than a touch of vanity there and a bit too much confidence that he is always right. He isn’t. For all his good points, he’s over enthusiastic at times and has a tendency to overplay the fact that he likes to be in charge. He’s a bit too eager to rush into action when taking things slowly and taking time to think would be better. Unfortunately, this sometimes makes for a problem arising and unnecessary complications needing to be solved. Fortunately, on these occasions, his good friends Bongani and Arana keep him in check.


BONGANI is quiet and calm and is always blessed with a friendly disposition. But she always calls a spade a spade. Her frankness, though, is comforting and welcome amongst the farmyard friends. Bongani is Roddy’s best friend and guards the team from her favourite spot under a pile of wood beside the barn. Her sense of everything being as it should be occasionally clashes with the irritating indecision of Arana.


ARANA, a cute charcoal-coloured lamb, finds making a decision a challenge. Before he was in a flock so there weren’t any decisions to make. Just follow the leader and life is perfect. Life was simple. But now he’s the only sheep in the Barnyard. So now, if something has to be decided, HE has to make the decision. It makes life hard. No wonder he looks up to Roddy. He’s very loyal and cares a lot for his friends – even Bongani. Arana lives in the paddock beside the barn.

Henrietta Hen & her cheeky chicks Paris, Marseille & Lyon

HENRIETTA HEN is a kindly soul, simple and loving. But she is very protective and her aggressive side quickly appears if there is any threat about. She absolutely fits the characteristics that define “Mother Hen”. She is a senior member of the group. The Cheeky Chicks (PARIS, MARSEILLE & LYON) take some looking after. They are full of life and boundless energy and need plenty of watching and disciplining.

Charlie Duck

CHARLIE DUCK is a wisecracking big-billed orange duck with attitude. He may be small in stature, but he has a big mouth. And to make matters worse, he is a great practical joker. It’s just as well then that if there is some barnyard crisis or threat, , he is a valuable member of the team. He is a little over-confident and, perhaps, a little overtly confident as well. It’s just a pity about his endless corny jokes. They do get a bit hard to deal with at times. For everyone.

Freddy Fetlock

FREDDY FETLOCK is the voice of caution. Ever alert, his prudent vigilance and careful thinking counteracts Roddy’s blind enthusiasm for solving dilemmas. Freddy’s logic stems from his gift of storytelling, his tales of his ancestors and his recall of situations past. Freddy’s physical strength comes to the fore on occasions it is needed and although reserved in many ways, when action is needed, Freddy is at the forefront of confronting dilemmas.

Penny & Pixie Piglet

PENNY & PIXIE are twin girl piglets. They are inseparable. Like all twins, they can read each other’s mind, feel what the other is feeling and finish each other’s sentences (with snorts). They grovel and wallow and eat practically anything. They (kindly, of course) stick their snouts into everybody’s business. But everyone puts up with it because they are clever and they are avid students of life keen to learn and grow, enthusiastic for knowledge. Penny & Pixie live in the pigpen next to the barn.


MARCELA is a Friesian calf – a keen participant in any adventure and a positive force in the group as she is not easily rattled – a trait that is, not surprisingly, appreciated and needed in the life of the Barnyard. As is her strength that she is happy to use when the occasion arises. She’s a bit of a thinker. Spending most of her life in the paddock means that thinking is a good way of passing time. She’ll join in the barnyard activities but is quite happy with her own company.

Klaus The House Mouse

KLAUS is a cute and feisty house mouse who lives in the homestead. He is quite fastidious and precise, prides himself on his appearance and is quite adept at keeping himself out of sight if there’s danger about. And his size and his ability to gnaw his way through anything is very handy. Klaus is a good friend to all the barnyard animals.

Uncle Tim the Koala

UNCLE TIM is a creature of reason. He is warm, cuddly and, from his vantage point up his tree is a very useful early warning system when danger approaches.

Kenny Kangaroo and Joey Joey

KENNY has been everywhere – bounding all over the farm and the nearby bush. And he knows everything about the area and the creatures that inhabit it. So there are heaps of things he has to teach his young, orphaned nephew JOEY JOEY. It’s all a bit too much for Joey Joey. He’s young. He wants to play. He misses his mum and dad. Letting him have fun as he grows up is something that Henrietta has to constantly remind Kenny about. The ground-speed of this pair is a handy asset in times of turmoil that demand a fast response.

Kira Kookaburra

KIRA is a nosy, flighty bird of aging years who can relay news and spread gossip faster than any other bush animal. She loves a good laugh and is the only one for kilometres around who likes Charlie’s jokes. And she’s not past being happy to spend a few hours having a chat.

Old Mr Wombat

OLD MR WOMBAT is a cantankerous old character who resides in his burrow not far from Tumbledown Creek. He tolerates Roddy (just) and his friends who often visit the nearby swimming hole – as long as he’s not disturbed and they keep the noise down.

Mrs Possum

MRS POSSUM is a busy old maid who occupies her time keeping her tree-house spick and span and eating anything off any tree that grows anything edible. If the trees are bare, she is prepared – with a store of nuts in the base of her treehouse. She’s dithery and can be quite a nuisance at times.

The Songs

All songs, words & music by Roddy Lee & Tony King except Ging Gang Gooli – Traditional arrangment by Roddy Lee & Tony King

I Wouldn’t Live Anywhere Else

The Episodes

Ep 1. The New Owners – Part 1

All the barnyard friends watch as a “SOLD” sign goes up on the farm gate. Panic sets in. Who bought it? When will they arrive? Will they be wanted? Will their home be demolished? There’s no doubt the old barn they live in is rundown and in disrepair. Maybe. Just maybe. If the current resident livestock clean it out and give it a spruce up before the new owners arrive, it might be saved. Roddy calls a meeting. It’s hard to make a list of things to do because everyone is talking at once. But the list is done. It’s long. Everyone is allocated jobs. The team goes to work. But renovation turns out not to be the barnyard friends best skill set. Mayhem and misadventure abound as they try to get the barn renovations finished. Only a few small jobs need to be done when a car pulls into the drive. The new owners! Crunch time! They all creep as close to the car as they can without being seen. The new owners bought the property sight unseen. First impressions are not good. The animals scurry back to the barn. What will they do if their home is demolished?

Ep. 2. The New Owners - Part 2

Roddy and his friends watch warily as the new owners carry their belongings into the homestead. They are relieved to overhear that the couple make a pact – to give this tree-change six months. Then they drive off to town for supplies. So the old barn is safe for now. Roddy and his friends have a chance to complete their renovations. You have never seen such desperate denizens working so hard and fast. They even rope in some of their bush friends to help and soon it is complete and tidy. Well, as tidy and complete as a bunch of unskilled animals can make it. When the new owners get back, the removal truck arrives with all their furniture. Bongani reports that the new owners are having second thoughts. They now think the old barn doesn’t look too bad. Phew! But the noise and all the people unpacking the truck make life very difficult for the barnyard folk. It’s too much for Klaus and he has to move into the barn to get out of their way. They realize that there is a new problem. The new owners haven’t seen any of their livestock. What will they do if the owners don’t want them anymore?

Ep. 3. Joey Joey - The Lost Baby Kangaroo

The new owners have been unexpectedly called overseas for six months. Yay. Klaus can return home inside the homestead. Everyone can relax. After all, six months seems a very long time away. Life returns to normal. But they are exhausted and very dirty from their renovation efforts, so it’s off to the swimming hole to join Charlie and the Piglets (who have gone ahead) for a cleanup and some fun. Their plans for having a good bath and some fun and games are disturbed when they arrive to find that Charlie and the Piglets have found a lost baby kangaroo called Joey Joey. Joey Joey is lost because he is new to the area and has been staying with his Uncle Kenny. They all go off in search of Kenny. None of their bush friends have seen him either. After a long unsuccessful day, they arrive at the barn to find Kenny waiting for them. He had come to ask them to help him search for Joey Joey!!! Joey Joey and his uncle are reunited amidst much laughter at them missing each other all day and Joey Joey is welcomed to the neighborhood.

Ep. 4. Roddy Who? The day Roddy lost his memory

Bang! Roddy smashes his head on a low rafter as he rises to give his early morning call. The bash knocks out Roddy’s memory so his friends gather round to try and jolt him back. First they try pushing him about, then shaking him, and then hitting him. But Roddy doesn’t like that very much. They were hurting him. After profuse apologies they try jogging his memory by reminding him of some of their adventures and then trekking him around to familiar places and local landmarks. Still Roddy can’t remember anything. Hurrying to get into the water, Roddy slips, hitting his head on a low branch and knocking himself out. His friends nurse him back to consciousness. That and the bump did it! When he wakes up, he’s back to his old self – with a couple of lumps on his head to remind him to be more careful in future.

Ep. 5. A rainy tale

This morning it’s raining. Again. For the fifth day in a row. Roddy is getting drenched as he tries to crow his wakeup call. It’s hard to crow with your mouth full of rain water! The water is getting into the barn through holes in the roof and seeping under the doors. Marcella and Freddy, looking very wet and miserable, knock on the door and ask if they can come in to get out of the rain. But the Piglets and Charlie are loving the rain and leaping about in the mud. Some animals are really strange! The others wonder what they can all do today if they can’t go outside. After a hearty breakfast, Roddy decides to cheer everyone up by teaching them a new dance . The Chicken Scratch. No-one has the energy until, Bongani notices that the rain has stopped and the sky is blue. Roddy, Bongani and Arana head off to check the farm for rain damage. On the bush track the trio meets Mrs. Possum who is in a dither – someone has stolen all the food in her store. Roddy takes charge. Who would do such a thing? Roddy will get to the bottom of this. They continue their farm inspection, asking all the bush animals if they have seen Mrs. Possum’s petals, fruit, shoots and leaves. It’s not until they get to the flooded waterhole, and find Old Mr. Wombat sweeping out his burrow, that the mystery is solved. The rain washed everything out of the food store all the way down to Old Mr. Wombat’s home. He’s swept them out into a pile that Roddy, Bongani and Arana (with great difficulty and some improvised baskets) return to a thankful Mrs. Possum. Returning back to the barn, Roddy finds his remaining friends have perfected the Chicken Scratch and put on a show.

Ep. 6. The annual Tumbledown Creek Farm Fete

This fine spring morning Roddy is cock-a-hoop! It’s the day of their annual fete – Roll up! Roll up! Roddy’s friends man the stalls – pink lemonade, hoopla, cakes and treats – it’s a very special day for the hosts and the visiting bush animals. The highlight of the day is Roddy’s track and field events – races of varying difficulty – and the finale, the three-legged cross-country race. Alarm bells ring out when it is discovered that last year’s champion, Arana, is missing. Bongani volunteers and slips down the bush track to find Arana stuck in the water hole. He’s hurt his leg – but Charlie and Freddy come to his aid, releasing Arana just in time for the big race. He has a sore foot – but tucks that up under his tummy in readiness for the three-legged challenge. Race is underway when Charlie (and his partner Henrietta) stumble – causing Charlie to injure his foot. Arana goes back to help – loses the race – but is crowned a champion for caring for his good friend, Charlie Duck.

Ep. 7. Sneezes in the Breezes

Aaa-choo! There’s nothing worse than a summer cold and Pixie has definitely got one. Seeing her condition, Roddy invites Penny and Pixie to stay inside the barn. Freddy advises against it. But Roddy knows best. The weather is its usual fickle self and a chilly wind comes out of nowhere. Soon Arana, Marcela and Freddy are asking to stay inside too. Next morning Pixie’s cold has spread throughout the barn. It is only Henrietta and her Chicks who are not flu bound. So the barn becomes a makeshift hospital ward with the chook family nursing the others back to health. They are very impatient patients – driving the chicken nurses crazy – and only soothed when Klaus lullabies them to sleep. At last – some peace. The next morning, the chill wind has gone and Roddy and his friends have all recovered. Henrietta and her Chicks are thanked. But Pixie feels guilty having spread her cold and insists on getting lunch for everyone. Given everyone’s different favorite foods and who is on what diet combined with Pixie’s total inability to make anything remotely approximating lunch, they all begin to wish their colds would come back.

Ep. 8. Uncle Tim's Bush Band

This morning a sheet of paper slams into Roddy’s face as he is giving his early morning wakeup call. It’s a flyer announcing an impending concert at Tumbledown Creek Farm by Uncle Tim’s Bush Band. Excited, Roddy and his friends get the barn ready for the concert. Come Saturday there is no sign of the band. And no audience either. The barnyard folk are getting really worried until Kira flies over. Ah. At last an audience. The others must be on their way. But still no band. Kira explains that the band split up years ago. It must be an old flyer. Disappointment turns to hope when Kira says she will see what she can do. A short time later Uncle Tim arrives with his band. The mystery flyer flew off the page of Uncle Tim’s scrapbook when he was sticking in some photos. The concert is a cracker – songs to singalong to and dances to enjoy. As the concert ends Roddy reckons the band should go back on the road – but no, says Uncle Tim, this was a one off – but what fun! Roddy and his friends give Uncle Tim and his band a rousing sendoff as they head back down the track into the night.

Ep. 9. House Invaders

Charlie knocks on the homestead door to invite Klaus The House Mouse for a swim down at Tumbledown Creek. Klaus has lots of housework to do so he declines – as the others head off for a morning of water activities. Wandering down the bush track they notice two birds flying high above – a crow and a ibis. A crow and an ibis??? Together??? That never happens. This can only mean trouble. Even from a distance, they look a very mean couple. As they continue their walk, their eyes are glued on the intruders and they nearly fall over a gathering of their bush friends who are all huddled together, watching the sky intently. Everyone suddenly realises the intruders are heading for the barn. Scampering back they find the barn untouched – but a commotion in the homestead tells them that those birds have moved in on Klaus. At first Roddy tries to reason with the pair – but they aren’t going nowhere. Roddy quickly retreat to the barn and a plot is hatched. It’s a clever plan, using everyone’s intuition and talents – and working together they scare off the birds (with the help of a swarm of friendly bees). It’s been a harrowing couple of hours – and a lot of hard work – so that swim at the swimming hole is more necessary than ever. Again Klaus is invited but now he has so much more work to do – those birds caused chaos in the homestead – but he’s happy, appreciative and willing to clean up the mess himself.

Ep. 10. Old Wombat's Tea Party

It’s been a long time since he’s thrown a party so now’s the time to organize one – Old Mr. Wombat has invitations to a tea party at his burrow – all set for Friday. But each animal he meets seems to have something on on Friday. He tries to suggest other days, but it seems impossible to get everyone together on one day. So it’s agreed to have the party today. Roddy and his friends arrive with hampers and swimmers and towels – and it’s a great party – loud, laughter, singing and socializing. Old Mr. Wombat sings his favorite song – which goes down a treat. But the day has been long and a lot of hard work and anyone who’d organize a party would understand. In the end it’s all too much for poor Old Mr. Wombat. Exhausted he falls asleep into his favorite chair. Realising their host is beat, Roddy and his friends pitch in to clean up and saying goodbye give their host a rousing three cheers (but quietly!)

Ep. 11. A Troublesome Day

Roddy suddenly realises, as he tears another month off the calendar, that six months have almost past and the owners of Tumbledown Creek Farm are due back soon from their overseas trip. But compared to what’s ahead today, that’s becomes quickly of no immediate concern. Grazing in the paddock Arana, Freddy and Marcela experience a cave-in – the ground beneath them sinks – and they are stuck. In the vegie patch Charlie and Henrietta watch as all the vegies get sucked underground. This is serious. Roddy rallies his friends and Bongani offers to find out why these collapses are happening. Soon Bongani is sliding along an underground tunnel to investigate the problems. Rabbits! It’s been ages since there had been a rabbit plague in the district. But how to get rid of them? They have to do so quickly before the barn and homestead are undermined and also disappear. But working out how to get rid of them is not easy. The only sensible idea seems to be to scare them off. They immediately spring into action. They lie in waiting for when the rabbits appear. They make so much noise and commotion and leaping about and menacing moos and fiercest cackles and aggressive quacks and fighting neighs and hissing hisses and aggressive grunting that the rabbits take off, terrified into the distance. Roddy think they’ve saved the day. But the fact is that the rabbits skedaddled because of a dingo standing just to the side and back of Roddy and his friends. There’s a stand-off – it’s tense – it’s like a scene from the wild west. Suddenly Kira swoops – nipping the dingo on the ear – and Bongani pounces nipping the dingo’s foot. And Henrietta and the chicks peck the retreating dingo everywhere they can. She yelps off. Looks like Kira, Henrietta, the chicks and Bongani have saved the day.

Ep. 12. The Birthday Party

With the owners due back anytime now, today is Roddy’s birthday. Before he can announce his birthday, his friends send him and Freddy on an errand – down to Tumbledown Creek for some drinking water – stocks are low. Roddy tries to tell Freddy today is his birthday but can’t get a word in – Freddy’s chatting about this and that and singing a song to which Roddy feels obliged to join in. They fill their large buckets with the water then, struggling under the weight, start their journey uphill with their precious cargo. There are some nasty moments as Freddy nearly trips over after he has stumbled on a loose rock and Roddy has to keep stopping because of the weight. There wasn’t even a chance to have a chat with any of their bush friends. None of them were about. Arriving back at the barn Roddy is despondent – it looks like everyone’s gone out – all is quiet. Nobody has remembered his birthday. Then it seemed to take forever when they get back to get the buckets maneuvered up and the water poured into the tank. But as Roddy opens the barn doors… “Surprise!!” It’s a surprise Birthday party! They did remember – and it had all been planned. It was Freddy’s job to get Roddy out of the way so they could get everything ready. – that’s why Roddy was sent away to get water with Freddy. What a great party – with all his friends present – it’s been the best birthday ever for Roddy.

Ep. 13. Who'll save the Barn

A big pile of mail being dropped off at Tumbledown Creek farm brings everyone back to reality. The owners are coming home. The friends worry for their future. The barnyard friends have been so busy and having so many adventures that they have forgotten to make any plans for what they will do if their home is demolished and they are evicted. Gloom fills the Barn. But the gloom is soon forgotten when Kira flies over. There’s a bushfire coming this way. Suddenly there’s pandemonium around the valley – the sounds of fire engines wailing – neighbours fleeing. The best place of refuge for Roddy and his friends is down by the swimming hole. When they get there, they learn from Kenny and Joey that the fire has crossed the road and is making it’s way across the paddock toward the barn. They race back to the barn with their friends to save their home. Soon everyone is fighting the fire in any way they can– pails of water, buckets of sand, much beating of blankets and branches. The windmill collapses. Embers land and are quickly doused. It’s quite a battle and quite exhausting. But they succeed. In the end the barn and homestead are saved – and it’s a miracle – for everywhere else is burnt to the ground. As Roddy and his friends – sooty, dirty and exhausted – recover, the new owners pull into the driveway. They too only just escaped being caught up in the fire – having driven through the blaze to get home as quick as possible. Seeing the barn still standing they react and see it’s survival for what it is – a miracle. They have a new love for the old barn and promise to never get rid of it… as long as they are the owners of Tumbledown Creek Farm. A crack of thunder is followed by a downpour. Roddy and his relieved friends retreat to the barn. They wouldn’t live anywhere else.
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